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Before coming to the racing media academy, I had no clue about horse racing, only that the horse raced and that people sometimes place bets around it, definitely had no clue around all the jargon neither. 

After my week in Newmarket at the British Racing School, I’ve come away understanding much more around the whole process and behind the scenes that goes on. From genetics, breeding to the mental well-being of jockeys. I have a new found appreciation for horse-racing and feel happy to help jargon bust the sport away from not being relatable for people like me.


The racing media academy course was an amazing experience, we were given a wonderful opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry – who were more than willing to help us and offer us guidance. We also went on behind the scenes trips to the Sky Sports studios and Newmarket racecourse, as well as tours of the gallops, racing yards, the horse racing museum and the Jockey Club Rooms.

Throughout the course we were supported by all involved, there was so many great talks, trips, activities arranged for us, thank you to Lee, Josh and Abby for making the week so fantastic!

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At first, I was sceptical about starting the Racing Media Academy, mainly due to the early stages of its existence (and definitely some nerves). But I was so wrong. I arrived on the first day and everyone was so lovely. As the days went on the course got better and better! 

Each day was jammed pack with things to do, yet I was never tired. I met some truly inspirational people (and horses), and learnt some amazing things.

What made the experience even better was my amazing colleagues, and the team that brilliantly organised the Academy – Josh, Lee, Cath and Carol. I think we all made a great team!

The opportunity that I’ve received from this experience has been amazing, I feel it has put me down a career path and really pushed me to want to succeed.

If I had to rate the experience out of 10, I’d say 11!  I Highly recommend to anyone interested in media or horse racing at all!

Since the course at Newmarket came to an end, I have learnt a lot. My placement at Racing TV was amazing. I got to see what went on behind the scenes at the studio and got involved in the social media department.

After Newmarket, I had a growing interest in presenting, and at Racing TV, I was able to put my skills into practice and conduct some of my own interviews. The whole team were really welcoming and took me on board with open arms.

One thing I loved about being on placement was the ability the get out and about. I got the chance to go on short trips into London to work with the marketing department at head office and longer trips such as Perth, Scotland with the #Raceday team.

The Racing Media Academy has given me a strong stepping-stone in the industry and allowed me to gain experience I may not have had otherwise. They have given us immense support throughout, and I hope the things I learnt will come in handy soon.

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I must admit when I first started I really didn’t know what to expect, but as soon as we were there, everyone was made to feel so welcome and instantly felt at home.

I have always had to work hard, but never been confident enough to do certain things and I’m very self conscious about myself, however during the week I saw myself go from strength to strength and literally felt the confidence grow day by day.

I really believe it has helped me as a person, each and every speaker gave me the confidence/ knowledge that I could not have gained anywhere else in such a short period of time, combining that with the behind the scenes access of the races and everything else, just made me want to give 100% to pursue a career in racing.

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The Racing Media Academy was an incredible opportunity for me to build contacts within the industry and learn more about journalism from some of the best in the industry. Hearing from the likes of Clare Balding and Lydia Hislop about their experiences within the industry has inspired me pursue a career within the media. For me what made the course so special was the fact we all had a mutual interest in working within the media. Being surrounded by people with a like minded interest gave everyone the extra motivation to give it our all. You couldn’t have asked to be surrounded by a nicer group of people so Josh and Lee did an excellent job as we all jelled straight away.

One memory I won’t forget from the week was visiting George Boughey’s yard and seeing Cachet. Just a couple of days later he then went on to win the 1000 Guineas! You couldn’t have made it up if you tried!

I would definitely recommend applying for the course if you have an interest in Horse Racing and the Media. It is a great opportunity to speak and build contacts with some of the best in the business. It was also a great laugh and was filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

During my placement at Equine Productions, we got to experience an exciting time at the office, as the team were making the final touches on the promotion for the Amazon Documentary ‘Horsepower’. We were given tasks to arrange and edit client footage, and we got to go out and film on location at Worcester Racecourse.

During my placement at Equine Productions we got to experience an exciting time at the office as the team were making the final touches on promotion for the Amazon Documentary ‘Horsepower’. We were given tasks to arrange and edit client footage, and go out and film on location at Worcester Racecourse.

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I had an incredible week on the Racing Media Academy, that was as educational as it was eye opening as to how the the racing industry is evolving. Covering all aspects of how racing media works on every level, from broadcast television to print media and social media, we had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of how to be most effective when creating content for an audience. In addition to media specific content, we were exposed to some of the issues the sport is facing and how it is best to address those as part of the media. As well as this, the week provided us with the chance to network with industry professionals, who shared their personal advice so passionately.

The environment created on the academy was relaxed and fun, and while we were very busy, the nature of the delivery of the content was varied and interactive – which kept us on our toes. We also had the opportunity to expand our broader racing knowledge with trips to locations where we could witness other aspects of the sport that we would not normally have access to. The British Racing School were brilliant hosts, where all of our needs were catered too.

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My week in Newmarket with the RMA was a week in which I gained so much. It was a great education on the different areas within the media in the Horse Racing Industry. There was not a session that I did not gain something from. I loved the way in which each session was structured, there was a relaxed feel to the environment in which we were learning, this also allowed for stronger social interaction. Through listening to experts, I was able to gain a wider knowledge and skillset. Everyone on the course was super helpful.

The week itself was an unbelievable experience. There was so much packed in, from having a behind the scenes tour of Dalham Hall Stud to hosting our very own mock raceday, we covered it all. Meeting the other candidates was amazing. We all came from such different backgrounds but got on so well together and learned so much from each other. I think this is symbolic of racing, it brings people together and no matter your background, you still have something to offer the racing industry. The underlying feeling that I got from the week was that racing as a sport is still full of potential for the future. I feel honoured and thankful to be an inaugural member of the Racing Media Academy.

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The Racing Media Academy’s introductory week in Newmarket not only delivered but exceeded expectations. The Academy Members, who had come from all different backgrounds and walks of life bonded so well with each-other, and made the week even more memorable.

Days would consist of historical visits, trips to the gallops/stud farms and mentorship talks given by leading industry figures in Broadcasting, Sports Journalism & Social Media Promotion. 

I especially enjoyed the chat I had with Rod Street from GBR at the QIPCO Champions Series Hall of Fame Awards where Frankie Dettori was inducted (also got a picture with him!). I also loved the Mock Race Day we had at the British Racing School as I got to become the sole Sports Journalist for the day and received feedback from the Editor of the Racing Post, Tom Kerr, ahead of my placement there. And to wrap it all up, to attend the Guineas Festival with members of the Academy on the penultimate day made the experience even more cherish-able!

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The Racing Media Academy is the golden opportunity I needed to help forward my career into the media industry of the sport I love most. Meeting some of the broadcasting legends Clare Balding, Rishi Persad and Alice Plunkett are memories that I will not forget. 

Newmarket was a truly great experience; not only did I gain a vast amount of knowledge, but also made some great friendships. I am grateful for this amazing opportunity and appreciate the hard work that everyone has put into this project, particularly Josh Apiafi, Lee Moulson, Catherine Goff and Carol Bramhill.

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I absolutely loved my week at the British racing school. To be in Newmarket leading up to the  guineas weekend was incredible. The buzz around the town that week was very noticeable and great to be a part of. 

And to have the opportunity to learn from some of the biggest names in the racing media was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

During my placement with Sky Sports Racing, I was lucky enough to have been involved in producing, directing & presenting, with some of the most experienced people in the industry. This experience taught me valuable skills which I now hope to take forward throughout my career.

Following the placement, I was fortunate enough to be offered ongoing freelance work with Sky, as well as securing a position as a Racing Editor with The Press Association.